Pura Agua (Pure Water) is entertaining and educational, or educational and entertaining; these two important elements are interwoven throughout. Most importantly, Pura Agua is about WATER! Water stories told by Florida native Capt. Rodney Smith from his viewpoint as a fishing guide, naturalist and environmentalist.
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Welcome To Rodney’s Habitat

Aquatic places, especially those more rural and less touched, where Mother Nature is accessible and her unspoiled beauty flourishes, is Rodney Smith’s type of habitat. Writing is his way to focus his deep concerns about protecting those places that badly need stewardship because of their natural resources, biodiversity and vulnerability.

“I freely share my knowledge about how to use, but not abuse, these habitats. Places like the Indian River Lagoon, America’s greatest and most diversified estuary, is one environment that I’m most experienced with and concerned about. It’s a system overstressed by an overload of nutrients due to poor land development practices and unwise management of storm water run-off.

“My family consists of dedicated waterfolk. We swim, fish, free-dive, surf, sail, and surround ourselves with all the other trials and tribulations that come with a waterfolk lifestyle in this new millennium. I write fiction and non-fiction for two primary reasons. First of all, I use my writing to help express our family’s love and concern for these habitats. And secondly, I hope to inspire, educate and entertain my readers about these places that integrally connect us to water.”


After nearly thirty years of research and seven years of writing, the first three books of The Cheyenne Series have finally come to fruition. In these intertwining sagas, author, photojournalist and outdoorsman Rodney Smith shares his love for surfing, fishing, and the land, water and people of Costa Rica and Florida. Part guidebooks and part adventure/romances incorporating murder and intrigue, love and companionship, and a never-ending affair with the people and places of Costa Rica, these books will enlighten you on Costa Rica’s travel, surfing, wildlife, fishing and camping, as well as its colorful culture.  SHOP NOW!