2017 Fall’s Indian River Lagoon Phenology

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Flower Lagoon House copy

This is a native vine, (found at the Ted Moorhead’s Lagoon House) Spurred Butterfly Pea (Centrosema virginianum) is easily confused with the Clitoria genus, Butterfly Pea. Get to love your own backyard and it doesn’t happen with a yard planted in SOD!!

Fall is my favorite time of year for the phenology of the Indian River Lagoon.

It’s a time for the biggest tides of the year and the greatest cool down for our high temperatures of summer! From September through December we plant our seeds for the fall garden and watch it grow!

Grt. Blue Heron close up copy

During autumn, the great blue heron’s plumes grow spectacularly.

jumping snook copy

In autumn, I witnessed the snook jumping out of the water, like-ballerina out of Sebastian Inlet feeding on finger mullet to many times to count!

April Tripletail copy

Tripletails and cobia are underneath sargassum mats this time of year.

Sargassum on Beach

In autumn, trade winds veer to a more northeast direction, mixed with periods of northwest and southeast winds. This sends the pelagic habitat, sargassum into our coastal waters. Look for tripletail and cobia to be cruising underneath sargassum mats.

Sargrassum 1 copy

Sargrassum copy

Pelicans over ocean copy

Watch the abundant wading and shore birds come here to migrated, an amazing sight to watch on the beaches and shorelines. Of course, the brown pelicans are always flying by, a staple any time of year!

outwithrodney 080 (1024x768) copy outwithrodney 035 (1024x768) copy

Monarch Butterfly copy

This monarch caterpillar had THE LAST BITE on this Mexican milkweed in our backyard



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