Baily Goes to Doggy Heaven!

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Bailey & Pond

Baily was always on point. Yet in the end he could barely walk due to his hip dysplasia, which is a generic trait that causes an abnormal formation of the hip socket. It  is known to be affected by enviromental factors and one that frightens most Lab owners. In it’s most severe form it can cause crippling lameness and lead to severe arthritic pain in the joints. Baily’s was severe…

Baily was with us for thirteen glorious years; he was a mighty fine dog. Baily wasn’t just a dog. Baily was family. We adopted him when he was one and a half years old. He was registered with the American Kennel Club and the previous owner placed a chip in his ear, not that he would ever run away mind you. Baily is the third yellow Labrador retriever we have had the pleasure of adopting throughout the years and each one was special in their own doggy way. Before Baily there was Hootie and Russco, all of them were great dogs who are still in our hearts and fill us with joyful memories.

Nose copy

Baily was all about the NOSE!.


Bailey towards the end

His favorite resting place in our backyard.

Baily catching some rays in his favorite spot in our backyard


Baily always gave us unconditional love. Sadly, with tears in our eyes and aches in our hearts, he went to Doggy Heaven on February 1, 2018, at 3:01 pm.  Baily will be missed but never forgotten. Safe travels. We Love You Baily!!!



Bailey AFC Hat copy

Baily wears his Anglers for Conservation hat proudly. He was truly a water loving dog and he would greatly appreciate  donations to Anglers for Conservation, in his memory. Baily thanks you for helping conserve our waters for now and future generations.

To donate please visit


2 Comments on “Baily Goes to Doggy Heaven!”

  1. Brooks

    I will always remember walking into the CAM office everyday and being greeted with love by Sir Baily. Started the day with positive energy. Travel well old friend…

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