Rodney SmithOutdoor photojournalist and author Rodney Smith is a Florida native who writes and captures images to entertain and inspire his audience. While his subjects touch on a plethora of topics, Smith’s focus is mainly trained on outdoor centric topics including, but not limited to surfing, hiking, sports fishing, paddling, camping, beach-combing, and adventuring. His strong efforts address current issues affecting our collective quality of life.

An ardent observer of Earth’s climate change and the decline of our planet’s bio-diversity, including the steady decline of his backyard waterway, the Indian River Lagoon, Smith works tirelessly on conservation issues as both an advocate and educator. His highly successful program, Hook Kids on Fishing, has taught thousands of children and their families the value of a healthy environment and the benefits of an outdoor experience. He also motivated the start of Anglers for Conservation, a group of environmentally concerned citizens that promote stewardship of our local waters.

Through his many appearances and speaking engagements Smith has displayed a unique and in-depth understanding of the economical and environmental impacts of Florida’s poor politics and rapid population growth. A longtime fishing captain and founder of Coastal Angler Magazine, Smith is spiritually connected to the history, progression and evolution of Florida’s culture and its people.

Rodney Smith is also the author of two instructional books, Catching Made Easy and Enjoying Life on the Indian River Lagoon Coast. He has also published three books in 'The Cheyenne Series,' which includes  The Road To Matapalo, Weed Queen and Pura Vida. In his newest book, Pura Agua, Smith entertwines entertainment with education to encourage readers to take better care of our waters and other natural resources on our planet.