The South Wants Our Menhaden Back

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    Atlantic States Marine Fishery Commission should move forward with Ecological Reference Points   Menhaden have helped make me great memories throughout my guiding career, though those memories are becoming more distant and farther apart. I remember an early … Read More

Down with Grass

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  Have you ever wondered why we plant grass in our yards when we know we’ll be spending the rest of our lives caring for it? Spending our time and money caring for our lawns is not only a wasteful … Read More

Shared Ownership

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There was a time not so long ago, when it was an accepted concept that the fish in the seas belonged only to the fishermen fishing for them. It was a time when these men of the village were primarily … Read More

Turtle Voyeur

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Waking up staring directly at the back end of a three-hundred pound, egg-laying loggerhead sea turtle on a dark, sultry beach is not as romantic as it might seem. Not that I haven’t had my share of reptilian relationships. One … Read More

A Lack of Management

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Looking back, I remember the days of Florida‘s freewheeling sport fishing industry. Very few saltwater fish had regulations as to size, bag limits were unheard of and there were no closed seasons. Thankfully, saltwater fisheries regulations have changed dramatically during … Read More

Live or Die by the Law

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There was an undeveloped lake we once fished freely as kids until its waterfront lots were cleared and developed. After the homes were built we’d sneak along the edges of the private neighborhood (now a golf course) lake to fish … Read More