Dead River, Dead Community!

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Dead Redfish
You once had a friend, he is dead.
What cause it? We do know why?
Our friend, the Indian River Lagoon
Is dying the death of a thousand cuts.
A hundred years, a thousand years or perhaps yesterday,
Our friend will die.

Stand on the Eau Gallie Causeway bridge, look over the side, take a deep breathe, what do you see. Think about it, what did the Indian River Lagoon look like 50 years ago? What will it look like 50 years from today?

It’s time to ask yourself, is our friend – the Indian River Lagoon dying? If your gut is telling you yes, then it’s time to invest into changing it’s downward path.  Are you going to help your friend?

With dipping dissolved oxygen levels throughout the lagoon and high water temperatures,  the lagoon is changing different shades of brown and green. Fish kills are continuing; dolphins, manatees and pelicans are still dying; seagrass is struggling, and the algae family is blooming.

Are you going to help your friend?

Take the time now to invest in the Indian River Lagoon’s future for our property values, our tourism industry and our fishing/recreational industry.

Our friend, the Indian River Lagoon is dying, will it take us all down with it?

6 Comments on “Dead River, Dead Community!”

  1. Linda Ullian

    I am ready to do whatever it takes to bring back the IRL. Write letters, put up yard signs, make phone calls, work with septic tank companies, legislation, public awareness, etc. Just hand me a job and I am ready.

  2. Bill Carter

    Great article, Rodney

    It is a shame that one of the world’s greatest estuaries is on the brink of disaster. Please keep up the fight and let me know what I can do to help.


  3. Douglas snider

    I’m not paying any more taxes to fix something that the army corps of engineers and our current politicians have created. As you well know our politicians help create the crisis from which they want to save us by continuing to raise taxes. I’ve lived in Florida all my life I love what we have but enough is enough and if the politicians can’t fix it with the current amount of taxes they are taking from the people then let it die. All of the causeways that were built for access across the lagoon in addition to thousands of people now living on the Riverside and polluting is most of the problem . And then all the environmentalist don’t want to admit that the manatees are one of the biggest polluters of the lagoon. Manatees consume vast amounts of seagrass and defecate and urinate hundreds of thousands of gallons of untreated waste into the waterways every year . In addition Brevard County is the only county in Florida that does not have an Open inlet for which ocean water and title flow can cleanse the river. The Port Canaveral lock is one of the biggest choking points that is affecting the water quality of the Indian River Lagoon Open up an inlet somewhere near cocoa beach and the problem is solved .

  4. David Stover

    I am willing to help. Other than contacting our government representatives, buying the lagoon license plate, becoming a member of CCA, donating to the cause. I am willing to volunteer my time. What else can we do? I’m in?

  5. Jim

    Rodney, You are an environmental hero. It has been good to work with you. Keep on going.
    Pay no attention to idiots like Douglas Snider. As you know there were thousands more manatees in the IRL before Columbus miss-named them, the Native Americans ate them regularly and for thousands of years, and yet the Lagoon was teeming with life. Too many people, septic tanks, municipal sewer systems, and lawns. We can save it but it will take a earth ethic.

  6. Dale

    Remembering a few years ago when an ignorant tortoise island waterfront homeowner made the comment on a website “what’s a mangrove anyway,is it prettier than a sunset?” They are the idiots who decided they were entitled to cut down an entire patch of mangrove just to improve her view,the trees they destroyed weren’t even on their land. How’s the view now? Are you enjoying the green muck and rotting fish? We reap what we sow! Never give up the fight Dukeny!

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