Excuse Me, Gov. Rick Scott What Are You Thinking?

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Excuse me, Governor Scott, but you and the other Florida Legislators puzzle me.

But before addressing this point, I’d like to thank you for reading my blog. I realize you’re busy trying to attract more people and jobs to Florida, doing your best by going to other states and marketing Florida’s low wages to those frugal corporations willing to change ships. And the last time I checked, Florida’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was under five percent in April 2016, the same as the nation’s unemployment rate. I believe most people would agree the Sunshine State’s workforce needs better paying jobs with premium benefits before it needs more low paying employment.

It puzzles me the way you and other Florida Legislators consider yourselves leaders of the new corporate conservatives, the chosen ones. It seems you are today’s masters of economics; pro-business, pro-development, pro-jobs and conveyors of smaller government. You seem to pride yourselves on standing up against the dreads of unnecessary environmental red tape. You’re fighting to stop things like septic tank inspections on aging systems bordering our polluted waterways. You’re doing your best to prevent laws limiting sales of fertilizer when we know these products are extremely harmful to our lagoons, bays, lakes, and springs.  You and the Florida Legislators refuse to listen to the vast majority of voters wanting you to buy pristine land, not develop it, to better protect our waterways with Water and Land Conservation Initiative Amendment funds.

Also between you and I, it’s not a secret anymore; you’ve either fired or demoted many of Florida’s Environmental Protection Agency employees who were fighting on the side of limiting growth and protecting our natural resources. Yes, Governor Scott, you are one busy man.

Explain why, instead of fighting on the side of genuine conservatism, you and the other Florida Legislators pick the tired campaign slogan of the late Florida Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward (1905-1909) “Drain the Swamps to Build!” Governor Scott, the problem is you’re leading a team chasing Broward’s dreams a hundred and ten years past its time. This “Drain the Swamps to Build!” mentality is killing Florida’s iconic waterways, the very reasons 20 million-plus Floridians live here in the Sunshine State. Governor Scott, it’s clear to me Florida’s Everglades, springs, lakes, rivers, and lagoons are not the riches you and other Florida Legislators cherish or understand and appreciate.

To be clear, who could rightly blame you for the century-long fight waged against Florida’s natural treasures by government and developers? No sir, it is not all your fault. You’re only perpetuating and following Governor Broward’s dream.

I believe, Governor Scott, we are people with similar concerns and convictions. We want to see a better future for all of us. We’d all benefit if you’d consult with a broader coalition of advocates, including those of us lobbying for a more responsible vision and plan for a healthier future for Florida’s waterways, their habitats, and the wildlife depending on it.

Governor Scott, today is the time to seize the moment and get on board with conserving Florida’s natural resources. Is designing a comprehensive plan to save more of Florida’s natural beauty today for tomorrow by limiting Florida’s growth such a bad idea? Is appropriately allocating funds from Florida’s Water and Land Conservation Initiative, Amendment One, to protect Florida’s Everglades, and the Indian River Lagoon, even possible?

Governor Scott, I realize asking you and Florida Legislators for such an abrupt turn of course is somewhat absurd and unrealistic, but we can only hope you will soon see the light of Florida’s past errors when it comes to protecting our waters.

15 Comments on “Excuse Me, Gov. Rick Scott What Are You Thinking?”

  1. Red

    Truth is Rodney,it’s hard to find wealthy businessmen or politicians who really give a damn and the ones who appear to are talking out of both sides of their mouths

  2. Red

    Thank you for the kind words Rodney. You know I always loved Florida and although I would never be called a true “tree hugger” I have a deep love of our state and try to deal with it as best I can.

  3. Dale

    Hey Dukeny, Your hitting the nail on the head again my friend. A bald head at that we are finding to be quite hard! But if I was governor I would much rather leave a legacy of being one of the good guys not the douche who screwed it up. Like President Truman declaring Everglades as one of our first national parks. Or more recently Gov.Bob Graham and Gov.Jeb Bush both stewards of preserving our most cherished natural resource WATER. Fact is we can’t live without it! You’re killing us governor!

  4. Rico

    Thank you for your eloquent and thoughtful letter to our governor Rodney, unfortunately I suspect it fell on deaf ears. Throughout the state the required actions to correct the demise of our lakes, rivers. swamps and lagoons are woefully short of what is needed. They are still building homes on the Indian River Lagoon, and despite the required eco-friendly septic systems, it still contributes to the continued degradation of the mostly closed water system, the Indian River Lagoon. The restrictions on fertilizing is like a band-aid on a gash! Hard choices are ahead of politicians which are frequently not voter friendly. However I believe drastic measures are required if we are to save our Indian River Lagoon.

  5. Rusty

    Right on Rodney. I hope he does read your excellent post.
    Inspiration for others to let him know how so many Floridians feel.
    I know I will.

  6. JASON

    Keep at it, Rodney….nicely stated….and these myopic, insane, criminals need to be voted out of office. It is clear that they will not change their ways unless something directly affects them or if they can figure out a way to monetize it. In either case, the power of our vote and money can change things. Don’t support anyone who supports them and that also goes for their businesses, organizations, and communities. If they continue to damage and suffocate our natural resources with their ignorance and greed, let’s take away the one thing that drives their idiocy…their money.

  7. John Kendrick

    Excellent letter to the Governor, Rodney. Unfortunately, we much remember that most politicians, at all levels of government, would rather play politics than do what’s right for our citizens and country.

  8. Spence Guerin

    Superb commentary, Rodney Smith! You have been here as polite as is humanly possible, about the reckless harm to, Florida’s natural resources.

    Every promotion of Florida inevitably boasts of Florida’s natural resources. Do you see promotions to come and enjoy the traffic jams of south Florida? The traffic jams of Orlando? Absolutely not!

    Florida’s natural resources are NOT unlimited!

    When Nestle went to a small town in Oregon seeking their water, those people said NO. Here in Florida, water permits are rubber-stamped. We have a huge problem ahead of us — and our offspring.

    Speak truth — strongly — to Rick and legislature.

    Keep on, Rodney Smith!

  9. Roland

    Good show, Rodney!! There’s an election coming up. Check out who’s on the side of our natural resources and vote for them. REGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION! That’s one way to get at the cancer that’s chewing up our lagoon.

  10. Neil Taylor

    He won’t read this. Therefore he won’t respond. I made 17 attempts to contact the governor’s office. Over that year, I got zero responses. No accountability with the citizens.

  11. George Austin

    I like it. Well put with a sense of humor.

    Sadly, your post will probably only impact those of us who already agree. That’s because you’re fighting the hardest god in the universe to displace – the god of self-interest.

    Democrat or Republican, white or black, left or right the primary thing that matters to people is “ME”. Talk about “ME” and what you can do for “ME” and everyone will listen. But, talk about something that takes away from “ME” even in a little way, and suddenly you’re the bad guy.

    The”ME” ‘s in Tallahassee along with other bastions of deal-cutting and pocket-padding like Washington can’t hear you. Their ears are screaming “ME” so loud they can only the voices who promise more for them.

    IF somehow we could show them how protecting Florida would make them wealth(ier), happier, live longer, with more power and influence then you might have a chance. The only option is to vote all of them out of office. But, since they’ve been passing the wealth around to a hoard of uniformed “ME, ME, ME” voters, the chances of that are slim.

    Nonetheless, you tried. And for that I’m thankful.

  12. Bub

    Good job Rodney, however the man is thick! He moved to Florida, lived here for only 6 years and decided to run for Gov. Why? One reason, MONEY! How and why would he care about Florida’s environment. He has no allegiance to Florida. When the economy bottomed out he and his cronies struck while the iron was hot and now the environment suffers. I have written to all my area and state politicians for years about the current state of the environment with only lame to no responses. Keep it up and never give up!

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