It’s all to do with Water!

The Earth is the only Blue Planet we know of in our universe and, as far as we know, the only one with water. Seventy percent to be exact. To me, healthy water means a plethora of things, but the two main thoughts that come to mind are excellent drinking water and a prosperous and healthy Indian River Lagoon. What … Read More

Something to Think About When Unpacking Christmas Boxes

I’m getting too old to lift Christmas boxes from the attic. If you’re like me, we can’t eat as much food on Thanksgiving Day, anymore, either. It kills me. I vow not to stand by and grow old without a fight or fuss. The new year’s coming. It’s time for new resolutions. Join me as I continue to throw fear and … Read More

Winter Fishing Central Florida

With help from Captain Scott Ashmore, we hauled the torpedo-like, a Port Canaveral-record, 105 lbs. wahoo, from the Atlantic’s cool waters. The skies were grayish, and the temperatures hovered just above seventy degrees. The time was 1:38 PM and I’d just landed a 38-pound wahoo, supreme leader of all the mackerel family members, and next to me, Ric Hinman, smiling … Read More

Properly Hooking A Shrimp

If there is one thing I have learned about fishing over the past fifty plus years as an angler and guide is we all seem to have particular ways we do everything from casting our line to baiting our hooks. The way these technique nuisances are utilized will quite often be the little things that help make one angler more … Read More

Times Changing for Giant Grouper

It might as well have been the Loch Ness monster I stood over, except there was nothing either anecdotal or mystical about this giant sea monster; it was real!  The rotting carcass of what was then called a jewfish, estimated to weigh over six-hundred pounds, lay before me in the wet Gulf of Mexico sands near the base of the … Read More

Fun Facts About Pelicans

Pelicans not only have an incredible vision they have a keen sense of smell. You probably wonder, “How would Rodney know?” Well, because I have seen it for myself. Yes seriously, one morning a few years ago while on the west shore of the Indian River Lagoon at Palm Bay, Florida’s Ted Moorhead Lagoon House. I was preparing shrimp for … Read More