It’s all to do with Water!

The Earth is the only Blue Planet we know of in our universe and, as far as we know, the only one with water. Seventy percent to be exact. To me, healthy water means a plethora of things, but the two main thoughts that come to mind are excellent drinking water and a prosperous and healthy Indian River Lagoon.

What does healthy water mean to the fishes? Numerous things, a place where the seagrasses flourish because without this habitat there wouldn’t be as many shrimp, crustaceans, worms, sea cucumbers, crabs, and filter feeders such as menhaden, anemones, and ascidians. Moreover places juvenile fish can escape predators, hangout and seek refuge during strong currents.

What does healthy water mean to the wildlife? Bottle-nose dolphin, and birds such as osprey, pelican, terns, egret, and heron, depend on it for their food. Because West Indian Manatees are primarily herbivores, they depend on the seagrasses to survive.

What does healthy water mean to Florida? EVERYTHING! Florida has Minnesota beat with over 30,000 lakes, and in Florida, water sports can be done 365 days a year! Also, there are over 1000 springs in this beautiful state, Florida, has 33 first-magnitude springs, and between 100 and 200 second-magnitude springs statewide, discharging anywhere from 6.5 million to 64 million gallons of water per day. There are rivers and streams way too many to mention, but three are the Everglade, Suwannee, and St. John Rivers, which is the longest river, 310 miles long, in the state. With the protection and conservation of our waterways. As a wise man once said, ” You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or You can teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”  Yet with the destruction of our waterways, no one eats, be it a microorganism, animal, or man.