Karen is a Wee Bit Crazy!

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ks-rs-moonrisejpgIt’s my birthday! I’m 59 years, but I find out that Karen is a wee bit crazy. There was a full moon on the western horizon. It was 3:40 am, 78 degrees, relative humidity at 94%, a southwest wind at six miles an hour, and the barometer was 29.99 and steady; not very good for fishing.

She made me take some passion flower for anxiety or nervousness, and ashwagandha to help me sleep. But her alarm was set at 4:40 am, but now she’s up at 3:40 in the morning; wanting to pack her suitcases! I understand because she rarely thinks of herself!!

A sanderling, who is normally silent, is going insane at the beach before sunrise, chirping and such! I understand we’re all wee bit crazy!

4 Comments on “Karen is a Wee Bit Crazy!”

  1. Sam Bogdon

    Have a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday and enjoy Rodney!! And you know what I think your both out of the same mold

  2. Carol

    I’m hooked – jut where is Karen headed? Perhaps it someday will be a book. Meanwhile have a fantastic birthday

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