Karen & Rodney Camping at Tomoka State Park

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Tomoka State Park campfire

At the end of last year, Dec. 26-30th, Karen and I went camping for four glorious nights at beautiful Tomoka State Park. ALONE….!!

For the past two years, we have gone camping the day after Christmas (Boxer Day) at Tomoka State Park located just north of Ormand Beach. There are approximately 80 camping sites throughout the park. We love it. Especially it’s  remoteness, and that is so close to our neck of the woods, Satellite Beach.

The Tomoka River Watershed Basin is an amazing with it yellow & sand pines, sable palms (Florida's state tree) and live oak and native flowers.

The Tomoka River Watershed Basin is a truly amazing place with its floral diversity including yellow and sand pines, live oak, native flowers, and Florida’s state tree, the sable palm.

When fishing the Basin I would suggest using and abusing Capt. John Kumiski. He is licensed, insured, and knows these waters. Capt. John specializes in kayak and canoe fly fishing which is one of the best ways to fish these waters. You can read his profile at  http://www.spottedtail.com/about/.


Capt. John Kumiski and I doing a toast to our completing our 2013 Indian River Lagoon Paddle. From Marine Discovery Center in New Smyrna Beach to the  Loxahatchee River (“river of turtles” in Seminole) nineteen days in a canoe together, camping out and

Capt. John and I were making a toast to our completion of the 2013 Indian River Lagoon Paddle. The paddle began at the Marine Discovery Center in New Smyrna Beach and finished at the Loxahatchee River Center in Jupiter Beach. The Loxahatchee River is known as “The River of Turtles,” but there are sadly few turtles left. We spent nineteen days together in a canoe camping, fishing and having a blast with all the great people at the Indian River Paddle brought together. Good times and tight lines.

4 Comments on “Karen & Rodney Camping at Tomoka State Park”

  1. Donald Gaines

    I’m looking forward to camping at Tomoka. I have been camping with my folks in Ft Pickens in Pensacola. I spent a day on an island in Edgewater but had to pack it in ahead these winter storms we’re having . Happy New Year to you and Karen. . Donald Gaines

  2. Grady

    Nineteen days?! Goodness Rodney! Now THAT’S an adventure! Wishing warm blessings and a Happy New Year to the Smith clan!

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