Mr. Patel Goes to Washington!

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Mr. Sanjay Patel

Mr. Sanjay Patel

With Brevard being a conservative county, it might appear to be a tough election with a name like Sanjay Patel. But it is time for us to stand together and build a government that puts people over politics.

Mr. Patel is capable and willing to do a proper job representing all of us, not only here in his Hometown of Satellite Beach, but all of Florida. He started his career in the technology field as well as strategy and consulting roles with Genentech, Deloitte, and the Santa Clara County Social Services Agency. “He then launched a small consulting business in San Francisco and subsequently founded a nonprofit that used social media to raise funds for change-makers across the globe,” according to his campaign website.

It is time for a change in the way our country is viewed by other counties of the world, and I think that voting for Mr. Patel will go a long ways toward that effort. We are no longer leaders in the eyes of our allies nor enemies, we appear vulnerable, and I hope that Mr. Patel will be a breath of fresh air that raises awareness to create change. As Mr. Patel states “I am the American Dream, a first-generation immigrant, the son of parents who have barely a high school education, a graduate of UCLA with a degree in economics who has built a small business and a nonprofit, and led transformative efforts in business, philanthropy, and politics,” Patel said. “It’s time to take the skills and experiences built from my education, my work and, most importantly, from my life on this planet — and transform our collective sadness and outrage into justice for us all.”

“It’s time for us to stand together to build a government that puts people over politics. When we stand together, we can create social, economic and environmental justice for all.”

I will vote, and I will donate to Sanjay Patel for the Florida House of Representatives in 2018.


“Quit being wimps!!” A great mind once said. Get out and VOTE!


8 Comments on “Mr. Patel Goes to Washington!”

  1. Matthew Fleming

    Love it! High five! I’ve had the good fortune to meet Sanjay Patel on a few occasions. I watched him work with energy, passion, and intelligence, to help transform the Florida Democratic Party platform To be more responsive, inclusive, and public service oriented. He will be a dependable and effective warrior for our lagoon and beaches.

  2. Gus Koerner

    Great article! Thank you for calling Mr. Patel and his work to my attention. He is someone we need to represent the people in this tumultuous time.

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