Peaceful Warriors!

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Peaceful Warriors!

They are men. They come from California. They have military experience. They are Erik Huber and Paul Chapell. Erik is now an honorably retired Veteran of the Navy SEAL HMC (Chief Hospital Corpsman) and a SEAL USN Instructor after 20 years of service. Paul is a graduate of West Point and an ARMY veteran of the war in Iraq. They haven’t met, but I wish they would!

They are as peaceful as any men I’ve ever had the pleasure to engage.

First, let me start with my friend Erik Huber, we have been surfing together for over forty years and have spent many hours talking story. I had a chance to spend quality time together with him back in July 2017 when I was visiting, writing my manuscript for my sixth book, Pura Agua and surfing with Erik and his wife, Debi. They gave me the royal treatment during my stay at their house in Oceanside and I couldn’t be more grateful for our reminiscing and talking about the future….

Erik Huber 1

Erik speaking to Hanna Vorreiter of Austria, a mutual friend, about his love of surfing at Beach Break Cafe thirty-miles north of San Diego in Carlsbad where he has his business, Carlsbad Coaching, and Counseling.

In July 2006 Erik opened Carlsbad Coaching, and Counseling and continued going strong. He believes in collaborative therapy he says “A mutually respectful process in which the client and therapist work together to resolve the issues at hand. I work with couples, families, groups and individual clients. I accept clients (non-harmful) cultural, sexual, ethnic, and religious orientation as strengths. I also work with, a non-profit organization offering FREE services to post 911 combat Veterans.

Erik Huber

Erik took Hanna and me to his old stomping grounds at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, Coronado Beach in San Diego, where he was a Navy SEAL instructor.

 “I believe in Albert Einstein statement,  ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” For 95% of the time, Erik is displaying tolerance, non-judgemental stereotyping, nonracism, and gentle perseverance to the moment at hand. The other 5% is classified.

Paul Chappell 1

“Captain Paul K. Chappell has given a critical look at war and peace from a unique perspective of a soldier, and his new ideas show us why world peace is both necessary and possible in the 21st century.” Archbishop, Desmond Tutu

Paul is the director of the Nuclear Age Peace Fountain (NAPF) and gives lectures on waging peace, ending a war, the art of living peacefully, and what it means to be human. He also teaches workshops and courses on peace leadership. His travels have taken him across the United States to speak on peace.

These men are heroes. Through it, all Erik and Paul have dealt with their share of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). An incredibly scary mental existence that has yet to be fully understood. I think that because of how they perceive and live with this disorder, they have a higher capacity to show empathy, compassion, and tolerance towards other mortals.

In fact, I believe that all people are peacemakers if only given a

We The People… Thank You!!!

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