Pura Agua


Paperback, 8.5″ x 11″, 96 pages



Pura Agua (Pure Water), is entertaining and educational, or educational and entertaining; these two important elements are interwoven throughout. Most importantly, Pura Agua is about WATER! Water stories told by Florida native Capt. Rodney Smith from his viewpoint as a fishing guide, naturalist and environmentalist.

Due to many elements, a tragic event is currently taking place: the disappearance of good and pure water. One of the factors is that our lagoons, lakes, rivers and springs are being polluted with higher than average nitrogen and phosphorus, producing excessive algae. People who can afford the cost receive contaminant-free, healthy drinking water. Still, the other less fortunate—a staggering 80% of the world—will suffer the many physical dangers of polluted water. Scattered like water thrown on a sheet of glass, Pura Agua is entwined by a collection of short stories which delve into the water crisis and the dire straits we are experiencing throughout the world, and particularly in Florida.

As it will take a global village to combat the global water crisis we are experiencing now and in the future, Smith’s goal in writing Pura Agua was to start the conversation differently; to educate while entertaining readers, then to have them share the book with a family member. As Smith believes we are all family and undergraduate scholars of the world, he hopes you will learn something meaningful and enlightening while enjoying Pura Agua, and pass it on to a reading friend.

Proceeds from Pura Agua benefit Anglers for Conservation and the Marine Resources Council. With similar missions, both of these non-profit organizations work on educating the public on the water problems of Florida’s Indian River Lagoon, and inspiring future generations to do something about it.