Pura Vida


Paperback, 232 pages



In Pura Vida, the third installment of ‘The Cheyenne Series,’ author Rodney Smith takes you back to Matapalo on the Southwestern coast of Costa Rica where the rainforest meets the Pacific Ocean, back to the Osa Peninsula overlooking the Golfo Dulce, the Sweet Gulf, the land where milk and honey are made. That’s where all the trouble begins and ends!

Is Joe Artz really dead? Is Tomás to blame for it? Is it a family reunion or a family in ruin and distrust? Is Stan Manly to blame for the death of Alina? Is the prodigy Cheyenne coming unraveled or coming of age?
What starts as an idyllic morning between grandfather and granddaughter swiftly grows into a dystopian nightmare that becomes exceptionally dreadful in this mixture of murder, gold, protest and family, all coming together in this spiritual, mysterious plot of deceit and intrigue.

Pura Vida is a sequel to Weed Queen and Smith’s first work of fiction, The Road to Matapalo.