The Road To Matapalo


Paperback, 256 Pages



It’s said that a good story brings many elements together, mixing and matching, then flowing smoothly into a climax, leaving the reader wanting more. Author Rodney Smith has accomplished this with his breakthrough novel, The Road to Matapalo.

Smith’s reverence for nature shines through in his tales of travel throughout Costa Rica. When he talks about surfing its pristine beaches, or finding his way through its cities and towns, he’s drawing from first-hand experience. His storytelling will make you feel as if you’re paddling your board next to him, waiting for the perfect wave, or riding along on a perilous bus ride through the steep Osa Montañas, gripping your seat on the steep curves of the rugged mountain roads. Mix in an anti-hero figure of an old man seeking the truth after years of indolence, a bold young woman and a mysterious dog, and you have an adventure that many of us can only dream about.

With murder and intrigue, love and companionship and a never-ending affair with the people and places of Costa Rica, Smith has pulled them all together to create the world that few of us will ever see, except while pushing down the crooked path of The Road to Matapalo.