Weed Queen


Paperback, 256 Pages



In this installment of ‘The Cheyenne Series,’ author Rodney Smith paints a seemingly peaceful image of a beachside community, but the quiet little town soon erupts and spawns a wild 48-hour adventure that eventually winds its way down Florida’s Indian River Lagoon coast to the Bahama Banks. This adventurous thriller plunges the reader into a non-stop roller coaster ride sure to please.

The plot features the fearless fishing prodigy, Cheyenne Manly, her family, and a tight-knit tribe of coastal water folk who are thrown head first into the ruthless jaws of the Mexican Cartel. All Hell breaks loose when the Cartel’s prized cannabis mother lode is heisted. A mistaken identity causes the Cartel to overreact, leading to a string of events that forever bonds the Manly family as they race against time and human sacrifice across the Gulf Stream to retrieve their namesake wunderkind.

Weed Queen is a prequel to Smith’s first fictional release, The Road to Matapalo.