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Rodney & Karen Smith copy

Is It Possible the Smiths Win Beautification Award?

Rodney and Karen Smith, of 265 S Robert Way, have lived in their house for almost 30 years. The front yard is a welcoming cool retreat during our hot summer months due to the mature trees providing abundant shade. After removing all traces of sod, native plants were installed to provide food and shelter for local wildlife. Thank you Satellite Beach Beautification Committee members for your work in the community!

Keep America Beautiful’s Annual Conference Full of Beautiful People Doing People Work!

Check out John Kumiski’s evaluation blog of our trip to the Keep America Beautiful’s annual conference

Cleaning Up Monofilament Fishing Line From Mosquito Lagoon Coast Rookery Islands a Yard at a Time!

Check out Lisa McKay’s blog

Don’t cut the line! Reel. Remove. Release

Check out the Brevard County Lagoon Rally

A coalition of citizens, business owners and guests working to grow awareness of the Indian River Lagoon system.

Legacy Of The Gulf Oil Spill

“I stumbled upon an awesome post on Anglers For Conservation (Legacy Of The Gulf Oil Spill), great stuff! This is an interesting infographic about ocean pollution, you might like it, you can check it out here –

South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council’s South Atlantic Newsletter


FishNews – March 2016 – 20 Years of Essential Fish Habitat, and More


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