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Snook Surf copy

Greg Poole and I had become fly fishing brothers and fellow members of the Backcountry Fly Fishing Association of Brevard in the early 1990s. We fished the surf locally down the beach from his home in north Indialantic and down my road in Satellite Beach at the end of Sunrise. Those were good old days on the reef before man placed sand, or some say dirt on it.  The sand had clay in it which I saw many times before.

I had a green and white Sar-Mul-Mac fly pattern (sardine-mullet-mackerel), originated by Dan Blanton ( on when I hooked this snook in May and was casting parallel to the beach over the reef. The fish fought very hard! And it was about ten or fifteen minutes till I got her to the beach. After this quick photo by Greg, it was released. It was the beach at the end of Sunrise!

Dumping sand into Ocean copyThis photo was taken from Balsa Bill Surf Shop & Sun On The Beach Restaurant after Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne in 2004. Dumping sand on the beaches will eventually end up in the Atlantic Ocean.Reef SB 2 copyThe reef that runs along the beaches of Patrick Air Force Base including, Indian Harbour Beach and Satellite Beaches, down to north Indialantic has been designed as “Essential Fish Habitat” by the Federal government. (Photo was taken by Mike Daniel)

Irma Florida

When hurricanes come to Florida, the layout and amounts of sand on the beach will change in one storm, as Hurricane Irma did bearing down on Florida!


Contact Bill Posey and your county commissioners at and let your leaders know how you feel about adding sand dollars ($$$) onto the beaches.

4 Comments on “Snook & Coquina”

  1. Linda Chattin

    Do not cover our reefs. They are a natural home for fish. Use the money to fix sewer systems and start regulations against plastic bags on the barrier islands. Those two problems need attention not the barrier reefs.

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