Willpower of the Government?

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Wind turbines in a rapeseed field

My old dearest friend, Art Broadie uses to explain, “The winds never blow but is drawn from areas of higher pressure to lower, undulating over and above the landscape like an incoming tide of air.”

Art Broadie

Art Broadie, the “Black Ghost” was one of my mentors.

Located offshore the coast of Liverpool 32 wind turbines that are twice the height of the Statue of Liberty in a place called Burbo Bank Extension.


A wind farm consists of 88 Siemens 3.6 megawatt turbines placed over a 35-square -kilometer area, 11 miles from offshore of Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom.

Owned by Lego, the toy maker, Burbo is an international effort. A Japanese company makes the blades on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom for its Danish client.


Owned by a surprising entry into the energy business-Lego.

Here’s a different story when it comes to the MONEY funding between fossil fuels and wind turbines. According to the book, DRAWNDOWN (http://www.drawdown.org/), the International Monetary Fund estimates that the fossil fuels industry received more than $5.3 trillion in direct and indirect subsidies in 2015. These totals equate to $10 million a minute or about 6.5 percent of global GDP (gross domestic product). Ouch! Indirect fossil fuels subsidies include health costs due to air pollution, environmental damage, congestion, and global warming-none of which are factors with wind turbines. In comparison, the U.S. wind-energy industry has received $12.3 billion in direct subsidies since 2000.

What is missing is political will and leadership!

Art Broadie & Don Leyden

Art Broadie & Don Leyden were the best of friends for more than 50 years. They have over 100 years of freshwater fly fishing experience that they were willing to share. We wish that we could share the love in these gentlemen’s relationship a little bit in politics today!

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      I’m glad you read my blog. Thank you.

      DRAWDOWN, THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE PLAN EVER PROPOSED TO REVERSE GLOBAL WARMING was edited by Paul Hawken (http://www.drawdown.org/the-book).

      I’m read this book now, and I’ll be putting blogs out of it. This is an amazing book; I suggest you read it or teach your children, well!

      We love you and Janet!



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